MADE IN 2014

The fourth edition of the MADE IN catalogue has left the printers.

You can now read the catalogue online at or download it through the link in the right column.

This year we have 79 participants with artists, companies, production offices and a platform included. Please find links to their respective websites in the right-hand column. We have added interviews with four highly respected Nordic dance personalities with different backgrounds about their view on Nordic contemporary dance, all made by Swedish journalist Bodil Persson.
The web-version will be published within shortly.


The 2014 edition will be distributed in the delegate bags at:

  • ISPA (International Society for Performing Arts), New York, US
  • Tanzmesse NRW, Düsseldorf, DE
  • PAMS (Performing Arts Market) Seoul, South Korea
  • CINARS, Montréal, CA
  • ICE HOT, Oslo, NO

We have new participants, returning ones, “regulars” and a an addition from a new country, the Faroe Islands:






OPEN CALL for participation in the MADE IN catalogue 2014

Deadline for participation 20 September
Deadline for delivery of material 4 October


In 2011 we produced the MADE IN SWEDEN catalogue as a communication tool to attract more visibility to the performing art producers and pre- senters based in Sweden. In 2012 we opened up to the other Nordic countries and made the catalogue a Nordic one; MADE IN the Nordic Countries. This year we have already distributed the third, 2013 edition, of the booklet to more than 6500 presenters in North America, Asia and Europe. The distribution channel we use are delegate bags in different performing arts fairs, markets and major network meetings in the world.

The response to the MADE IN catalogue 2012 and 2013 have been fantastic. The format and the information provided have been a very good level of communication for the people we want to reach. We also believe that the knowledge about the variety of interesting work which exists, has been quite unknown to foreign audiences.

The MADE IN catalogue is financed by the artists and the institutions present in it. The selection in the booklet is therefore based on the motivation of the artists themselves to find new markets and work internationally. There is no selection based on artistic values.

Voices and reactions about the MADE IN catalogue.

“Congratulations on the MADE IN. I actually kept it. Usually you go like; this goes, this keeps but I kept it.” – Allen Moon, Director of Sales, David Lieberman Artists
at the ISPA June Congress

“This is the way it should be done!”
- Alicia Adams, International program director, the Kennedy Center, Washington DC, USA


The edition 2014 will be distributed in the same way as in 2013 and the format and design will be kept, however updated to make a clear difference to the previous years. In 2014 the chosen meeting points for distribution are:

  • ISPA (International Society for Performing Arts), New York, US
  • Tanzmesse NRW, Düsseldorf, DE
  • PAMS (Performing Arts Market) Seoul, South Korea
  • CINARS, Montréal, CA
  • ICE HOT, Oslo, NO

MADE IN the Nordic Countries 2013

can be viewed online here:


in the MADE IN catalogue 2014, please send your name and function, e-mail address and telephone number to before September 20th. We will get back to you with more information.


a full spread in the catalogue, direct distribution to approximately 5 000 presenters and actors in the performing arts operating in Europe, North America and Asia. Visibility on our website, and through


5 000 SEK VAT excluded
Please note that in order to be exempt of paying VAT, customers from outside Sweden need to state their VAT-number. Customers without a VAT-number need to prove their status as a company by presenting a copy of their registration papers from tax-authorities or similar in their country.


  • A text no longer than 950 signs, blank spaces included.
  • Contact info: Name of company/artist, name and function of contact-person, 1 phone-no, mail address and website. Invoicing information.
  • 3 photographs/illustrations representing the company, from which we choose what to use. Minimum size: 15 X 21 cm in 300 dpi (app. 2500px)
  • by1800px). horisontal pictures are preferred but not necessary.
  • Optional; a QR-code pointing to a page, website or other information that you would like to link to. The QR-code should preferrably be in .eps or .pdf-format. Minimum size: 25X25 mm 300dpi.
  • Please observe that we are not including logos in the catalogue. We have opted it out in favour of cleanliness and easy-to-find information. It works!


please mail or

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