Here is what we focus on in the design of the projects in which we commit ourselves.

  • present and promote work internationally
  • develop new and diverse international audiences and markets
  • participate in international networking events
  • working with partners to co-ordinate and promote swedish participation in key international cultural events.
  • working with the founding bodies to collect, publish and maintain information online that is useful in developing all aspects of international cultural practice
  • supporting the production of promotional information on contemporary swedish arts and culture and high quality promotional products, such as CDs and DVDs.
  • Working with research individually and with partners in areas that are strategically important to the development and promotion of Swedish arts and culture internationally
  • building relationships and networks with arts and cultural organizations, relevant public bodies, state agencies and government departments at home and abroad
  • developing strengthened relationships with relevant organizations in the Nordic Countries, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland

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