Client: ASTARTE/Charlotte Engelkes


To promote Charlotte Engelkes as an artist in Sweden and increase the international touring for her own productions. To increase the funding for Charlotte Engelkes.


Charlotte Engelkes/Astarte received state funding for the first time. Miss Jekyll & Hyde was produced during spring and summer 2004, had its premiere at Göteborgs Dans och Teater festival, played at Dansens Hus in Stockholm and toured through the touring network Dansnät Sverige.

In fall 2004 Loco Motion succeeded in finding a theatre at the performing arts fair CINARS where Charlotte Engelkes could present her performance Sweet. During the year(s) Loco Motion worked with Charlotte Engelkes her economical turnover increased by 300%.

Clients: Four artists, becoming Idiot Savant


Idiot Savant, a group of artists mainly focusing on circus and movement, wanted to create a company of their own and needed help with administration and project direction.


Within a year Loco Motion had created an organization and received funding for their first production White Men. Loco Motion arranged a nine week residency with a premiere and performances at Helsingborgs Stadsteater, later continuing with a Swedish tour through the network Dansnät Sverige.

Client: 2004 and 2005


  • Project direction in creating a Swedish showcase intended to promote the very best Swedish dance- and movement-based performing arts to international buyers.
  • Raising the funds for the showcase.


Over a hundred international guests and approximately seventy Swedes came to see 9 performances during a day and a half. Loco Motion raised more than 80 000€ for the project in 2004 and more than 90 000€ for the showcase in 2005.

This is to let you know that Claude and I had a great time this weekend in Stockholm! We thought the ‘accueil’ was perfect: efficient but warm, informal but well-organised. It definitely made this gathering one of the best international meetings we have been to these last years (and as you know, we go to quite a few). We were able to do our professional work (network with people, keep ourselves updated etc.), get an insight of the contemporary dance scene in Sweden today and on top of that, we had time to relax a bit and enjoy the time with old/new friends and colleagues.
And you succeeded to squeeze all of this into a short weekend, quite a miracle!

As for myself, I saw 3 really good performances (how often does one see 3 good shows in one weekend?!): Rasmus Olme and his friends, Morten Spangberg and Charlotte Engelkes. Especially Rasmus’ performance was an eye-opener.

So thank you very much for all of this and for inviting us!

Hilde Teuchies and Claude Veron, Victoria, Belgium

Tout d’abord, merci pour l’événement Show-off: ce fut très enrichissant et stimulant. Il y a plusieurs artistes qui ont vraiment des démarches singulières et qu’il nous plairait à mon collègue Pierre Des Marais et à moi-même de suivre. Notamment Bogdan-Karina.

Clothilde Cardinal
Codirectrice artistique et générale, DANSE DANSE, Montréal (Québec)

Thank you so much for the wonderful!! I admired your way of guiding us through Swedish danse scene! Your team made us guests feel relaxed and entertained through the weekend with such professionalism that it made me sigh:
The Swedes simply have more fun than us Finns! :)

Pirjo Yli-Maunula,taiteellinen johtaja/artistic director

Client: Stockholms Kulturförvaltning


Investigation on creating a resource office for the independent performing arts scene.

Loco Motion is heading a an investigation on the prerequisites for the establishing of a resource office for the independent artists within the Stockholm area.

Client: Cullberg Ballet


  • Organizing an international event in connection to the premiere of a new production in Stockholm in spring 2009.
  • Creating an international newsletter for the company.


Loco Motion organized the international invitation, the reception and prepared the programme for the international guests/presenters for the world premiere of Cullberg Ballet’s new work. 15 international guests came. Loco Motion worked with coaching for a new international strategy for the company.

Cullberg Ballet

Client: Riksteatern


Project direction and initiator of a network striving to create bigger and longer tours of Contemporary Dance to bigger audiences in Sweden. To create a network.


Helsinki Dance Theater goes on tour in Sweden with more than 30 dates in two months.


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