Loco Help is an open service for any professional seeking help with fund raising, international coaching, how to establish your company in different regions of the world. We produce education programs for art schools and small and big businesses and organizations. We also provide help with project directionand we execute investigations in international issues in the performing arts sector for Officials.

We often act as an enhanced production and management department of projects and activities that do not have time, energy and organization to drive management efforts in whole or in part in-house. We always work closely with our clients, often together with them, in the same team.

Loco Help collaborates with project managers with different core competencies in project management and communication, press/PR, copywriting and web/IT, researchers, pedagogues, technicians, caterers and artists. We have well-oiled contacts with people we have worked with for a long time and that we know deliver.

Read more about some of the assignments we have had in Cases.

Please contact for a personal meeting, to see how we can help you.

CLIENTS (a selection)
ADEKWHAT/Philippe Blanchard
Andersson Dance/Örjan Andersson
ASTARTE/Charlotte Engelkes
Birgitta Egerbladh/Händelser i Hemmet
CCAP/Cristina Caprioli
Cilla Roos
Cullberg Ballet
Dramatiska Institutet
Dansens Hus
Gunilla Heilborn
The Göteborg Ballet
Helsinki Dance Company
Idiot Savant/ Vita Män
IF International Theatre
Jacop Ahlbom/Van Baasbanck&Baggerman
Kroumata och Per Jonsson minnesfond/ Den leende hunden
Lars Bethke AB
Moderna Dansteatern
Mårten Spångberg
Peder Bjurman
Performing Arts Society/Linda Adami.
Rani Nair/ Well
Rasmus Ölme,
Reich+Szyber/Bogdan Szyber och Carina Reich
Riksteatern The National Touring Theater
Scenkonstbolaget, Dansens Hus, Kulturhuset Stockholm och Moderna Dansteatern
Sirqus Alfon
Skolen for Moderne Dans, Copenhagen
Skånes Dansteater
Stina Kajaso
Stina Nordenstam,
The Swedish Institute
Stockholms Stadsteater/Tjeckovträdgården
Vischan Danskonst/ Malin Hellkvist Sellén
Yamato/Van Baasbanck&Baggerman

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