We make artistic choices about which artists we work with in Loco Agency. This is not an open service. We are entirely subjective in our assessment of the clients we commit to collaborate with. ├ůsa Edgren is ultimately responsible for the artistic choices, but all collaborators in the management participate in discussions before decisions about the Roster are made. There are some prerequisites to be fulfilled and that governs us in our choices.

We are looking for artists who are considered to have the energy, desire, insight and potential to establish themselves abroad, or in the case of foreign artists, that we believe that their artistic ideas about what they want to develop will work for a Scandinavian audience.

We are looking for artists that are interested in the movement as a base for their artistic expression.

We work primarily with Swedish artists who want to establish themselves internationally.

We give priority to adult productions designed for the traditional stage space, although we also produce and represent works designed for unexpected venues and site specific work.

We are primarily interested to invest in building careers and businesses long term, but we also commit ourselves to short time projects. We are interested in finding collaborators that are as interested as we are in developing relationships based on trust and respect for all professionals involved in the artistic and production process. A close dialogue around artistic ideas and production design is a prerequisite for the cooperation to function optimally and ensures that the result will be optimal for everybody involved.

We believe that a quality sales effort is based on close contact between people, understanding and trust. The more knowledge we have of what we represent and would like to offer to the presenters in our network, the more opportunities to reach our set goals.

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